Squirrels are persistent pests and will keep coming back to your home year after year and season after season if you continue to supply them with their basic needs—food, water, and shelter. It can be annoying constantly dealing with squirrels raiding your bird feeders, digging up your garden, or nesting in your attic. If you want to keep squirrels out for good, then you should squirrel-proof your property.


Here are some effective methods to consider:


1. Use Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeders

Squirrels love to snack on the seeds stored in bird feeders. It is important if you choose to feed birds to invest in bird feeders designed to deter squirrels. These feeders will often have mechanisms that close off access to the food when a squirrel’s weight is detected, while still allowing birds to access the seeds. Another option is to install Baffles. Baffles are smooth, slipper, or dome-shaped barriers that can be installed on bird feeder poles. Their design will block the squirrel from being able to climb the pole and access the food.


2. Secure Trash Cans

Squirrels will rummage through the trash looking for food scraps. It is important to have trash bins with tight-fitting lids to keep out squirrels and other wildlife.


3. Install Mesh Fencing or Netting

Squirrels will often get into gardens and cause damage to crops and vegetables. One solution is to install mesh fencing or netting around and over gardens to keep squirrels out.


4. Trim Tree Branches

One way squirrels gain access to roofs, attics, and homes is by using trees and branches as bridges. Trim branches that are near or overhang your home’s roof to prevent squirrels from accessing your home.


5. Seal Entry Points

It is important to regularly check your home for any gaps or holes, especially in the roof, eaves, and attic. If you find any, repair them with the appropriate materials—caulk, wire mesh, wood, etc. Squirrels will use any small gaps and holes to gain access to your home and build a nest.


Squirrels are very agile and adaptable creatures, so implementing multiple or all of these methods might be necessary for effectively squirrel-proofing your home. The best method is to call the professionals at [OFFICE] for their superior prevention services. They will implement the best animal exclusion methods to keep squirrels and wildlife out for good. Contact them today!

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