Prevention Services

Wildlife Prevention Services

For wildlife prevention in the Minneapolis area call Wildlife Management Services. Our organization is expertly trained in wildlife prevention methods to keep wildlife out of your home. 

Wildlife Management Services will utilize many methods of prevention to ensure your problematic wildlife animal will stay away from your home. Habitat modification, exclusion, and client education are all methods of prevention that help keep wildlife animals out! 

Habitat Modification

Keeping your home unappealing to the problem wildlife animal is key to a succesful prevention plan. Wildlife Management Services will create a modification plan for your specific wildlife control problem to keep them from wanting to return. Access to water, food, and shelter are main reasons wildlife enter your home. Wildlife Management Services will limit access and identify any other key points of modifications that may keep wildlife away.


Wildlife exclusions are the most effective form of prevention, In the case of a wildlife animal trying to enter your home, Wildlife Management Services will install a barrier to prevent entry and keep your home critter-free! Exclusions may include vent screening, chimney caps, and closing entry holes.

Animal Exclusion: Keeping Wildlife Out

  • Attic / Soffit / Louvre Vent Screen Guards
  • Caulking & Sealing
  • Chimney Cap and Screen Installation
  • Foundation Vents
  • Pest Identification / Monitoring / Proofing
  • T.A.P. Pest Control Insulation

Client Education

Client education is vital in wildlife prevention. As the homeowner you will need to know what will help keep wildlife animals out, what signs to look for showing potential wildlife entry, and more. Wildlife Management Services will educate you on your problem wildlife animal to help in the efforts of prevention.

Call us for any wildlife control or animal removal issue at 763.233.6895. We have the professional wildlife management solutions you need!


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