The 3 most common problematic squirrels in the Minneapolis area are:


What type of squirrel is in your yard?

All squirrels have similar characteristics but vary in size and color.

  • Flying Squirrels
    • Smallest, big eyes, membrane between wrist and ankle, typically light brown or gray
  • Tree Squirrels
    • Biggest, grow between 1-2 feet long, shades of gray, brown, or black
  • Ground Squirrels
    • Shorter hair, shorter tail, generally smaller in size, reddish-gray to smoky brown, black spots or stripes


Where do squirrels nest?

Squirrels seek shelter that is safe from nature elements and will be ideal to raise babies.

  • Flying Squirrels
    • Crevices of trees or abandoned birds nests, wooded areas where they can glide tree to tree
  • Tree Squirrels
    • Prefer hardwood or coniferous forests where ground cover is plentiful, nest made of twigs and leaves
  • Ground Squirrels
    • Digs extensive burrows in grasslands


How can a squirrel enter your home?

Each type of squirrel will enter homes in hopes of finding a sufficient food source and safe shelter. Damages begin at the place squirrels use to enter your home.


Do you have squirrel damage?

Squirrels are persistent animals that will create a great amount of damage in a short amount of time.

  • Flying Squirrels
    • Chew on wiring and create outages by running across wires.
  • Tree Squirrels
    • Chew on wiring and pull insulation for nesting, creating a great electrical fire hazard.
  • Ground Squirrels
    • Unsightly damages outside from foraging for food creates potential harm for livestock, pets, and humans.


Trapping & Removal

Wildlife Management Services offers professional squirrel trapping and removal services. Our technicians will implement unique squirrel trapping and removal methods to ensure the safety of the squirrel and to get them out quickly.

Damage Repair and Prevention

Wildlife Management Services offers long-term solutions to your worst wildlife problems. Our damage repairs may double as prevention methods and we aim to keep wildlife animals out of your home for good!

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Squirrels in the attic? Squirrels in your crawl space or eaves? Those scurrying sounds in the attic may well be Gray, Fox, Flying or Pine squirrels - which love to invade attics, and occasionally walls of structures. Call today for removal solutions to rid your home of squirrel problems!

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