Woodchucks, also called groundhogs or whistle-pigs, come from the squirrel family. They are known for being the mascot of Groundhog Day, predicting whether there will be an early spring or longer winter being that they hibernate until warm weather permits activity. Woodchucks, like squirrels are great climbers, but they also are very good swimmers which sets them apart from the common rodent.


Groundhogs are short, stocky animals. Ranging from 16 – 25 inches in length, woodchucks weigh up to 10 lbs. with thick brown fur, eyes and ears located near top of the head to allow for easy peeking out of their burrow hole, and sharp claws on their front paws for digging.


Woodchuck dens can contain dozens of feet of tunnels, typically found in dry, gravelly soil, with designated tunnels for specific purposes like waste and nesting. You’ll find them in grassy fields and meadows, or on the edge of the forest and other grassy areas. Groundhogs are active in the spring, summer and early fall before hibernation for the winter.

Damage & Control

The main destruction that comes from woodchucks is usually to a homeowner’s lawn or garden. Bites or scratches to humans is extremely rare, but still can happen. Due to the fact that they are herbivores, they tend to look for grassy, well vegetative areas to make homes in or around. Burrowing activities wreak havoc on building foundations, roads, driveways, lawns, and embankments. Farm equipment and livestock can also become damaged or injured by obscured burrow holes.

Trapping and Removal

Groundhogs are not aggressive animals but still should be handled by a professional. Our trained professionals will know the right ways to trap these animals since they have multiple entries/exits to their underground burrows. The experts at Wildlife Management Services are trained to safely and effectively trap, remove and implement control methods to keep further pests out. Call Wildlife Management Services today at 763.392.0142 to help rid you of unwanted pests!

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Woodchucks under your deck or shed? You’ve come to the right place to solve your woodchuck problems. Wildlife Management Services uses more than one approach to humanely remove and exclude woodchucks from your home and property. Call your Wildlife Management Services today for effective woodchuck control and removal services.

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