Opossums are the main marsupial found in North America, where they live in urban settings, forests, and open fields. They are maybe best known for "playing dead," a barrier system used to seem less engaging to predators. Opossums are nighttime and omnivorous, exploiting any nourishment source they run over. Their eating routine comprises of bugs, little rodents, creatures of land and water, natural products, berries, waste, and pet food if left outdoors.


  • Growth up to 16 inches (41 cm) long
  • Weigh from 6 pounds (3 kg) to 12 pounds (6 kg)
  • Gray fur with a white, pointed face
  • Opossum feet look like small hands with five fingers on each paw
  • Their back feet contain opposable thumb digits that also help with climbing


Despite the fact that they are found all through the nation, opossums can't make due in regions of outrageous icy, similar to the Rocky Mountains. The marsupials favor lush ranges close wellsprings of water like streams, wetlands, bogs, and bushes. Exceptionally versatile, opossums survive effectively in urban environments.

Are opossums known to enter homes or yards?

Opossums can in fact discover their way into homes, however it is ordinarily unintentionally. The creature may enter through pet entryways looking for sustenance or a safe haven. All the more ordinarily, however, they will take up living arrangement under yards, sheds, decks, and brush heaps.


Are opossums harmful to individuals or property?

Just like the case with most wild creatures, opossums get to be distinctly forceful when they are cornered. They will nibble, scratch, kick up some dust, and murmur keeping in mind the end goal to get away. Pets and individuals might get hurt from their bite or scratch, not to mention being exposed to the diseases they carry, for example, tuberculosis, tularemia, and Chagas sickness. Furthermore, the marsupials can be plagued with parasites, for example, bugs, ticks, vermin, and lice.

Control and Safety

With a specific end goal to keep opossums out of yards and homes, natural surroundings alteration endeavors can be utilized. Expel congested bushes and grasses to farthest point concealing spots. Acquire pet nourishment from the outside and secure junk can covers to point of confinement sustenance sources. At long last, building wall around greenery enclosures can limit the irritation's entrance to simple suppers.

Trapping and Removal

As opossums convey different infections and have sharp teeth and paws, people ought to never attempt to trap the creature without expert help. The experts at Wildlife Management Services have the correct preparing, information, and devices to catch and expel bothersome opossums from homes and organizations. Keep your family and pets safe, call Wildlife Management Services to take care of your nuisance wildlife!

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