Hornets can be found around homes during the autumn months of the year. Hornet problems occur because they typically make nests in openings and on exterior furniture and light fixtures. They will also set up residence under light fixtures, deck railings and eaves of homes creating even more hornet problems and hornet damage.

Identifying Hornet Problems

There are two “hornets” commonly found in the United States: the European hornet and the bald-faced hornet. These are two of the largest stinging insects. The bald-faced is actually a black and white yellow jacket approx 3/8 inch long. The European hornet is a true hornet with yellow, amber and brown markings Adults are typically over ½ inch long and the queen can be 7/8 inch long.

Locating Hornet Infestations

Bald face hornets build aerial nests (football shaped) most often in trees but can be found on the side of a building or in shrubs. Like yellow jackets, nest reaches full size late in summer with 400-600+ wasps.  These hornets are not as aggressive as yellow jackets but can be if disturbed.

European hornets have smaller nests usually in hollow voids, trees and attics. They are not very aggressive, but still have a dangerous stinger.

Questions to Ask About Hornet Problems

  • Where have you seen them?
  • Have you seen the nest?
  • Has anyone been stung?

Hornet Inspection Tips

  • Look for activity of wasps going to and from the nest area.
  • Identify the insect if possible.
  • Check shrubs and trees around property carefully.
  • Observe voids in trees for activity.

How to Get Rid of Hornets

Getting rid of hornets can be tricky since they tend to build their nests in unique places. Our green hornet control experts will assess the hornet problem and any hornet bee damage prior to using environmentally friendly pest control methods. They will then work with you to establish an effective and long-lasting hornet control plan, providing you with peace of mind when it comes to these potentially unwelcome hornet infestations. Our methods for hornet control are environmentally friendly and organic, so there is no concern for your family and pets.

Hornet problems are most noticeable during the fall, when hornets are notorious for disrupting outdoor activities, especially when food or drinks are available. One way to implement hornet control is to keep food or drinks covered while outdoors, which will help to get rid of hornets when they are searching for food. It is important to take extra caution when shooing away hornets to prevent stings or other hornet problems. It is best to contact hornet control specialists to safely provide hornet removal.

We have the knowledge, equipment, and skills to take care of all your hornet problems and will show you how to get rid of hornets for good! Please call 763.233.6895 to speak to our team—we have the professional wildlife management solutions you need!

Hornet Control & Hornet Removal

The experts at specialize in safe hornet control and hornet removal solutions. Sometimes it is difficult to implement hornet control, particularly when the hornet nests are concealed or difficult to access. Our team knows effective methods for getting rid of hornets, how to get rid of hornet nests, and preventing hornets from building future nests in the same location. In order to protect you and your family from getting stung during hornet removal, it is best to contact an expert who has the proper gear and hornet control solutions.

If you are experiencing a hornet problem in or around your home, contact the experts at WMSMN today at 763.233.6895 for effective hornet control solutions.

We can help you get rid of hornet problems.  Call today: 763.233.6895.

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