Chimney swifts travel in flocks and will migrate in the late summer and early spring. The bird's name comes from its unique habit of nesting in chimneys. These birds become problematic when their nesting interferes with the use of chimneys and the loud noises they create.


Those that have viewed chimney swifts from afar say that they appear black in color and have compared the shape of their body to a cigar.

  • 5-6 inches long
  • Less than 1 ounce in weight
  • Dark gray color with a pale patch on the throat


Chimney swifts prefer to live in dark enclosed areas. Their favorite nesting areas include chimneys, vents, hollowed tree trunks, abandoned shafts, wells, and caves. Chimney swift nests are built directly to the side of their nesting site and built from twigs and saliva.



Homes with chimneys are often those with chimney swift problems. The birds are able to get into your chimney by squeezing by chimney dampers or through holes. Uncapped chimneys are even easier for chimney swifts to enter.


The birds create fire risks when nesting within a chimney. Their nests are extremely flammable. Chimney swifts are quite noisy birds and have been known to drive homeowners crazy with their loud and constant noise.


Control and Safety

To help control chimney swift infestations, homeowners should first have their chimneys inspected for wildlife, birds, and nesting materials. Once the inspection is clear, the chimney should be capped to prevent bird entry.

Trapping and Removal

Wildlife Management Services offers professional help to control chimney swift problems. We will take care of existing problems and prevent future problems from occurring.

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Chimney Swifts
Chimney swifts create great fire hazards and health risks when inhabiting chimneys. Wildlife Management Services can help get rid of your chimney swift problem using humane control solutions.

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