Insects range widely in appearances, purposes, and reasons to be classified as a pest. Many insects carry diseases and can contaminate stores of human food, while others consume and tunnel in wood causing structural damage. These stinging insects inflict painful bites or stings.


Many biting and stinging insects, including house spiders, bed bugs, mosquitoes, and fleas, thrive wherever there is human activity. Ants may build tunnels underground, mosquitoes live around standing water, and spiders create webs in secluded corners.

Insects in Homes

Biting and stinging insects will infiltrate yards and homes. During the onset of cold weather, ants and spiders will seek warmth inside of your home. Bed bugs and mosquitoes feed of people and animals, so they will hang out around yards, farms, and homes. Fleas will orient themselves around available blood meals by hanging around cracks and crevices close to the ground waiting to latch onto pets.


Generally, biting and stinging insects will leave behind irritating itchy and red spots where they have bitten people. Some spiders create much more serious reaction, including the bite of the brown recluse spider. They can destroy skin tissue and incite severe allergic reactions.

Fleas can also cause severe reactions, more commonly to pets such as cats and dogs. Flea bites can cause symptoms including intense itchiness, hair loss, reddening skin, and secondary infections.


A number of modifications can be made to homes and yards in order to decrease the possibility of encountering biting and stinging insects. Cleaning up liquids and solid food spills immediately, keeping indoor and outdoor trash bins shut tightly, replacing broken and ripped window and door screens, and more. Keeping your eye open for any cracks in the building foundations and keeping shrubs and tree branches from touching your home will limit entry options for stinging and biting insects. Keeping pets bathed and limiting ideal habitats by employing all or some of these methods will make homes less favorable to insect pests.

Professional Control

Many types of over-the-counter removal solutions for biting and stinging insects are ineffective. Wildlife Management Services technicians have great knowledge on the tools necessary to eradicate biting and stinging insects from homes. To limit damages and health hazards, you should call Wildlife Management Services for experienced help and control.

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Stinging Insects
Learn more about the threats and dangers that stinging insects can bring to your family and pets.

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