Wildlife Management Services is one of the best wildlife removal options for getting rid of mice. We utilize humane and effective strategies to get rid of mice problems and most important, keep them from returning. We offer permanent solutions for mice control so you can rest assured that the mice in your home or business are gone for good.

How to Know if You Need to Get Rid of Mice:

You can determine if they need to get rid of mice in or around homes or other buildings by asking the following questions:

  1. Do you hear noises in your ceiling or walls?
  2. Are the noises scratching/scurrying noises? Do these noises happen mostly at night?
  3. Are there holes with teeth marks? Are they along baseboards or behind shelving?
  4. Are there grease markings along the baseboards and behind appliances?
  5. Do you see signs of mice poop in kitchen drawers or cabinets?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, call the team at Wildlife Management Services today! We know how to help you assess your mice situation and determine whether removal is necessary.

How Can You Get Rid of Mice?

The most effective method to get rid of mice is to trap them. Wildlife Management Services will set traps around the building and monitor all mouse entry points. We check your traps regularly, so you won’t need to notify us when mice are in your traps. 

Where Do Mice Get Into Your Home?

You might be surprised to know that mice have been known to get into holes as small as ¼ inch. Unfortunately, that leaves your home wide open to mice infestations. Common entry points include holes in walls, baseboards, foundations and floors. 

Where Do Mice Go During the Day?

These nocturnal critters, if you have them, are spending the daytime hours hiding in your house, tucked away in hidden locations where they won’t be bothered. Such locations include walls, cupboards and cabinets, pantries, and even in your couch. If you do happen to see a mouse in your home during the day, this likely means you have a bigger mouse problem than you realized.

What makes Wildlife Management Services different from other wildlife control companies?

Our dedication to your mice situation. Not only will we completely get rid of unwanted mice from your home, we will also repair mice damage in a professional and permanent manner. We don’t just nail a piece of hardwood over a hole and call it good. We will make sure the repair is effective for getting rid of mice, while matching the design and structure of your home.

Mice Damage and Damage Identification

Mice will chew on wires, enter buildings, and build nests in attics. They also soil human food simply upon contact with it, rendering it unsafe to consume.

If you think you may need help getting rid of mice, contact your local Wildlife Management Services office for professional mice removal solutions today.

We can help you get rid of mice problems. Call today!

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