At times, property owners have to deal with animal carcasses or deceased pests. In addition to the noxious smell decaying organisms produce, deceased creatures assist in the spread of dangerous diseases. Dead animals can also attract scavenger pests like flies, rodents, and other carrion eaters to properties, which in turn leads to further problems.


Since animals live in many diverse environments, their remains are found just about anywhere. When pest animals encroach on areas of human habitation, this increases the chances of them dying inside buildings and on private properties. Carcasses may be found in homes, sheds, barns, pools, and on the sides of roads. Pest animals that invade homes and then die may be found in attics, basements, chimneys, and even inside the walls. Deceased animals are also be found outside in common nesting areas, including under porches and decks.

Control and Safety

The general concern when dealing with dead animals is the possibility of contracting infectious diseases. In order to prevent animals from dying in the home, seal off all entry points and modify landscapes and structures to keep pest animals at bay. Indications that dead animals may be present in the home include odorous smells and coming across the carcass itself. Once homeowners suspect the presence of a dead animal, seeking professional help is a must. Attempting to remove the animal without assistance can lead to further issues, and untrained individuals risk the danger of spreading disease.


Wildlife Management Services wildlife specialists have the proper equipment and training to ensure the safe, ecological removal of any dead animals found on private properties. The process for cleanup is extremely involved, as carcasses must be bagged properly and the area must be disinfected. Furthermore, all bodily fluids and odors have to be taken care of before the job is complete, as residues may contain infectious bacteria or parasites. Wildlife Management Services professionals dispose of dead animals in accordance with all laws and guidelines.

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