Identifying Honeybee Problems

Honeybees are social insects found all over the world. They are an extremely beneficial insect because of their role in pollination. Honey bees pollinate more than 100 crops in the U.S. as important as they are honeybee infestations can become a problem. Probably one of the most recognizable insects, their hives can be found in hollow trees or in houses. They survive winters on honey produced in the nest.

Their hives can survive for many years.

Honeybees are active pollinators, and produce honey, which feeds their young in colder months. The honeybee is the only social insect whose colony can survive many years.

Locating Honeybee Infestations

Honeybees produce honey from pollen and nectar of the plants they pollinate. They store the honey in honeycombs in their nests. They often build their nests in tree crevices, but will occasionally build nests in attics or chimneys.

Honeybee Threats

Honeybees do sting, but they only sting once. The sting can be extremely painful if the stinger is not immediately removed from the sting. Persons allergic to insect stings will have a more severe reaction.

How to Get Rid of Honeybees

Getting rid of honeybees can be tricky since they tend to build their nests in unique places. Our green honeybee control experts will assess the honeybee problem and any honeybee damage prior to using environmentally friendly pest control methods. They will then work with you to establish an effective and long-lasting honeybee control plan, providing you with peace of mind when it comes to these potential unwelcome honeybee infestations.

We have the knowledge, equipment, and skills to take care of all your honeybee problems and will show you how to get rid of honeybees for good!

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