Signs Of Squirrel Infestation

If you have noticed scratching and crawling in the walls and ceilings, chewed wires or insulation damage, you may suspect a squirrel. You may have noticed a squirrel nest in a tree nearby, or have seen squirrels running on utility lines on top of your roof. Noises at night will most likely result in a flying squirrel infestation while daytime noises will result in a gray or fox squirrel. Calling a Wildlife Management Services professional should be your number one priority as the longer you allow squirrels in your home, the larger the colony gets which could result in rodent droppings, chewed wires, holes in your house and other issues. Our professionals will look for where the squirrels are entering so that they know where to perform the exclusion, and then use a safe trap to capture the squirrels. Call our office today if you have any suspicion of a squirrel invasion!

Signs of Bee Infestation

Although bees are crucial to our survival, they pollinate the Earth, we still do not want them in our residence! Most bees will be nonharmful if you stay away from their nest; however, they are territorial creatures, and will get protective if you invade their space. That is why calling a Wildlife Management Services professional is your best bet! If you only notice bees in your garden, you may have nothing to worry about. If you find them in abundance around your property, you may have an infestation. Our professionals will arrive on site and take care of the problem and provide future protection. Call our office today if you suspect a bee invasion!

Signs of Raccoons

Raccoons are some of the most adaptable animals on this Earth. Raccoons can cause trouble on your property. This may include rummaging through your trash, ruining crops and even killing small livestock or poultry. Signs of a raccoon property invasion include tracks (which look like small human tracks measuring about 3-4 inches long), droppings, a torn open garbage can or ripped garbage bags, sounds including low growls when fighting for any food, and scratches on trees. If you have any suspicion of a raccoon invasion on your property, call us and we will send out a highly trained professional to safely capture it and provide future protection!

Signs of Bats

Bats are nocturnal animals, and will leave their roost at night to go feed. You may have a bat invasion if you have seen one in your attic, if you have heard scratching (especially at dusk or dawn when the bat is coming or leaving its roost), or have seen droppings in the attic or on your windowsills. Wildlife Management Services will send a trained professional to safely capture each bat and provide future protection against invasion again. If you suspect a bat invasion, call us today!

If You Suspect An Invasion

There are many other infestations that could occur, although these are the most common. Wildlife Management Services deals with a wide range of wildlife. Call our office if you suspect an invasion! 763.233.6895