Insects In or Around Your Home?

Wildlife Management Services has multiple techniques to identify your insect pests and quickly eliminate them. Our team controls insects, and other pests while addressing important environmental concerns at the same time. Low dose/low-impact products applied as an exterior barrier are your first line of defense!

We can help keep insects and other pests from coming back too. In many cases, animals and insects are drawn to an attic or crawl space because of moisture, or openings that allow them easy access. Vapor barriers, proper ventilation and new insulation help to restore normal conditions and eliminate odors, and contamination from unwanted invaders.

Pest Control Services

Learn more about insect pest control options:

Ants: There are many kinds of ants that can infest your home or property. Some sting, but many are just nuisances and get into food. Learn more by searching our list for your ant!

Centipedes / Millipedes: Centipedes are multi-legged creatures that are common outside the home. Centipede and millipede populations can become very high and may invade the areas around doors and windows.

Cockroaches: There are several roaches that can be found in and around the home. Most live outside and can be quite large. Others infest and live very well inside. Which one have you seen? Look at our list and select the insect.

Bees / Wasps / Hornets: There are several species of stinging bees and wasps which can cause painful welts and occasionally severe allergic reactions, including death.

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