WMSMN is your local wildlife management company! Check out our vlogs below to learn more about our services and our areas common wildlife control issues.

Baby Snapping Turtles

September 7, 2017

Thanks to one of our friends here at Wildlife Management Services, we received some awesome videos and pictures of baby snapping turtles coming out of their nest!

Flying Squirrel

August 17, 2017

Check out this video of a flying squirrel one of our staff took! Flying squirrels do not actually fly. They glide using flaps of skin in between their front and hind legs. They are sometimes found nesting inside of people's attics! Got any squirrel or flying squirrel problems? Call us today!


Rabbit Catch and Release

August 10, 2017

One of our staff caught a rabbit that was in a client's basement. She later released it in her backyard. Check out the young rabbit's excited dash to freedom.

Silly Squirrel

August 3,2017

One of our employees recorded this squirrel outside their home being silly! Do you have any funny animal videos or images you would like to share? Visit our YouTube Channel and drop a leave your funny animal image or video in a comment.


Name That Noise!

June 29, 2017

This is a very common noise that many of our clients hear in their attics and chimneys. Do you know what type of critter is making this noise? Visit our YouTube Channel and drop a comment with your answer!