Wayne Browning

Field Supervisor

Wayne is the Technician/Field Supervisor who has been with our company the longest, over 20 years! He received his Bachelor of Science in Zoology from North Dakota State University and joined our team shortly after. He is our most experienced technician and has a true "go-getter" attitude. Wayne's favorite part of the job is meeting new clients and having a different challenge every day. Thank you Wayne for your years of service, dedication, all of your hard work and valuable input. Wayne services the Southwest/West Metro.








Eli CroakerEli Croaker, Wildlife Management Services Technician

Wildlife Technician

In March, 2019, Eli joined our team and has been a great addition since! He graduated from Minnesota State University Moorhead (MSUM) with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. In his free time, Eli enjoys spending time on his boat, hanging out with friends or cheering for the Cincinnati Bengals. He also has a great sense of humor. Thanks for your hard work and great attitude! Eli services the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.







Miranda Dahl

Wildlife Technician

Everyone, meet Miranda! She joined our team in May, 2020, shortly after graduating from the University of Minnesota of Twin Cities with a Bachelor of Science in Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior. In her free time, Miranda enjoys birdwatching, bicycling, spending time with friends, and spending time on the lake. Miranda is friendly, kind and has a big personality that is great to be around! We are thankful for her patience and hardwork in a male dominated industry. Miranda services Northeast Minneapolis and St. Paul.







Matt Degendorfer

Wildlife Technician

Meet Matt, who joined our team in February, 2019. He graduated from North Dakota State University with a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences. In his free time, Matt enjoys fishing, hunting, and cheering on his local sports teams. His favorite thing about working at Wildlife Management Services is having the opportunity to interact daily with all different kinds of wildlife. We are grateful to have Matt as a part of our team! Matt services the city of Minneapolis.







Ethan Engstrom

Wildlife Technician

Everyone please welcome our newest employee, Ethan! He received his Bachelor of Science in Geology and Earth Science from the University of Minnesota. A few weeks before he was hired at WMS, he married his beautiful bride- lots of exciting changes in his life recently! Ethan is currently working on receiving his pesticide certification and then will be able to have his own route. We are fortunate to have such a rock-solid team player with a positive attitude on our staff!








Matt Haas

Field Supervisor

Meet Matt, one of our Field Supervisors who has been with us for 15 years! He received his Bachelor of Science from the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities in Fisheries and Wildlife. He is helpful, well educated, loves solving client issues and loves the "detective" work when it comes to determining how critters are entering in properties. We are thankful to have Matt around and appreciate his knowledge and dedication to the job! Matt services the Southeast/South/East Metro.







Samantha Johnson

Customer Service Representative

Say hello to Samantha who joined us in May 2019! Sam graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee with a Bachelor of Arts in Art History and Criticism. Her favorite part of the job (aside from spending time with Gizmo) is the appreciation she gets from clients. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, cooking, and spending time with her friends and family. Sam is a great listener, and has a fantastic sense of humor. We are so grateful for having such a fun, upbeat team member!







Melissa Neitzke

Assistant Manager

Meet Melissa our Assistant Manager. She received her Bachelor of Science from North Dakota State University. In her free time, she not only is the captain of the company sponsored women's softball league, she also plays sand volleyball, in the winter plays broomball, is an avid fisher and hunter and enjoys time with her friends and family. She is a quick learner with a great sense of humor and quick wit. We are thankful for her joining our team and we hope she has a long future with us!








Andy Paulson

Wildlife Technician

Andy is one of our senior technicians who has been with us for a long time, 16 years to be exact. In his free time, he enjoys hunting, fishing and taking his children to all of their activities. His favorite part of his position is that there is always a different challenge every day, no two days are ever alike! Even when it is below zero, you will rarely hear Andy complain. He is truly a trooper and a great asset to our team! Andy services the Northwest/North Metro and Northwest Minneapolis.








Scott Petty

Wildlife Technician

Scott is one of our senior technicians, employed with us for over 9 years. In his free time, Scott loves spending time with his family, fishing, hunting and racing derby cars (where he has won on several occasions!). His favorite part of the job is being outside all day and being able to interact with different situations day in and day out. Scott will always make sure that all of your needs are met and will do so with an enthusiastic attitude. We are so appreciative of Scott's ability to assure he always has happy clients. Scott services the Northeast/North Metro.








Christina Valdivia

General Manager

Christina is our General Manager who wears many different hats. She graduated from Marquette University with a Bachelor of Arts in Corporate Communications, and Spanish for the Business Professions. She has been with us for a little over three years and is bilingual in Spanish and English. In her free time, she plays on the company sponsored softball team, practices yoga, plays ice hockey, spends time with friends and family, and loves to travel near or far. We are always pleased with her client interactions and problem-solving skills!








Felipe Valdivia

Wildlife Technician

Felipe is bilingual and fluent in Spanish to help better serve our growing number of Spanish-speaking clients and has been with us since 2016. He was born and raised in Santiago, Chile and moved to the United States for true love (aww!). He received his Bachelor of Engineering in Software Engineering from a Chilean University. In his free time, Felipe likes to go rock climbing, rollerblading and fishing. Felipe is a huge asset; it is the first time in our company's history that we have had a bilingual technician and he proves himself time and time again. His favorite part about the job is having the opportunity to see different animals everyday. Felipe services the Northwest/West Metro.








Luna & Taco

Barketing Supervisor & Barketing Assistant

Meet Luna and Taco, our youngest employees (in dog years, that is)! Although they have many responsibilities here, their most important duties are as follows: cleaning up any leftovers, warmly greeting visitors at the door, and conducting daily mail deliveries. As much as they would love to help "sniff out" critters with our technicians, we have them on office duties only. If you ever stop by the office, don't be surprised if you are bombarded by dog kisses, they love all people and are still learning boundaries!