Protecting People, Property and Wildlife®. Beginning in 1999, Wildlife Management Services developed and implemented an internal certification process, the Vertebrate Pest Management Training and Certification Course. The Vertebrate Pest Management manual was developed in cooperation with staff from Michigan State University's Pesticide Education Program, the Michigan Dept. of Natural Resources, and wildlife biologists from Wildlife Management Services.

Wildlife Management Services franchisees technicians who successfully pass testing are recognized as "Certified Wildlife Specialists". Wildlife Management Services' certified technicians are awarded a certificate of achievement and recognized for their efforts within the company. Wildlife Management Services remains committed to setting the highest standards in the industry in order to provide quality customer care.


The National Wildlife Control Operators Association (NWCOA) developed a professional certification program designed to evaluate the education and professional experience of wildlife control operators. The first course was completed September 2017, helping the industry improve standards. When selecting a nuisance wildlife control operator, be sure they have the proper state agency-issued licenses and permits, and are fully insured to include personal and property liability insurance, as well as workers' compensation. All Wildlife Management Services locations are properly licensed and insured.

To resolve any nuisance wildlife issue you may be experiencing, contact the professionals.